Televsion and Radio in Rhodes

Terrestial Greek televsion includes three state-run channels: ET1NET and ET3 and several private channels including Mega ChannelAlpha TVAlter ChannelANT1 and Star Channel. The state company also rebroadcasts some satellite broadcasters including CNN InternationalEuroNews and Eurosport.

The state-run and private channels frequently show English-language films and series (primarily American imports such as Friends, Prison Break, Lost etc) in English with Greek subtitles. One advantage Greece has compared to other European countries is that dubbing is used very rarely, usually only for children’s programs – both because of the high level of English spoken in Greece and the additional cost.

The main pay TV network available is Nova, This comprises: Nova Cinema (formerly Filmnet) 1, 2 and 3, film channels which include the latest Hollywood blockbusters as well as American series such as those mentioned above; Nova Sports (formerly Supersport), six sports channels which include Premier league football etc, and Jetix, a children’s channel.  Some of these are available terrestially for a fee (you also need to buy a decoder). The others require a satellite dish, with which you can also receive MTV, The History Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Eurosport etc.

There is also now the option of OTE TV, a better all around package with lots of movies, sports and the English Premier League.

If you read Greek, is an excellent site for TV listings and more. The best (i.e. least inaccurate) TV guide in English is probably that of the English-language online edition of the newspaper Kathimerini ( – look under Arts & Leisure.

Many people wonder if its possible to receive Sky satellite broadcasts from the UK – and hence also BBC, ITV etc – here in Rhodes. The problem with this is that Rhodes is right on edge of ‘footprint’ of the Astra 2 satellites which are used to broadcast the Sky Digital network – you can receive them, but you’ll need an enormous dish 3 or 4m in diameter, which is both expensive and difficult to position without breaking your roof/infuriating your neighbours.

Another option of course these days for watching UK television stations is the internet. Unfortunately the BBCs iPlayer service which allows you to watch live and recent BBC programmes is only available in the UK, though there are plans to expand it in the future. In the meantime there are sites such as which will stream it to you for a subscription fee.  And then there’s always YouTube for clips of classic comedies, sporting moments etc.

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