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No English schools exist on Rhodes. The Multi-Cultural Centre, sometimes referred to as the ‘International School’ or ‘English School’ (though in fact the English department is only one of several languages), is an after-school centre which caters for bi-lingual children, for example teaching them to read and write as a native English-speaker would be in their home country. For more details click here.

Education at any Greek State School is free of charge. All lessons are conducted in the Greek language. To obtain lists of state secondary schools on Rhodes, contact the Secondary School Education Directorate, at Klavdiou Pepper Street, 851 00 Rhodes – Tel. Nos. (+30) 22410-55826/55830/55843/55844/55839 – Fax (+30) 22410-55827.

There are two private schools in Rhodes:

1) College of Rhodes ‘Pythagoras’, (includes kindergarten/junior and secondary school) at 8th km Rhodos-Lindos Avenue, 851 00 Rhodes – Tel. No. (+30) 22410- 87747/8/9 Fax (+30) 22410- 26033. email:

2) Rodion Paedia, (includes junior and secondary school) at Ilia Venezi Street, Ilioupoli, 851 00 Rhodes – Tel. No. (+30) 22410- 60750. email:

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