The Talented Dr. Hedenborg – Rhodes RICHeS 1st Feb. 2015

200px-Hedenborg,_Johan_av_Cardon_1838_(ur_Löwenhielm_1927-1929)If you’re interested in the history of this island, this could be for you…‘Your last chance to see ‘The Talented Dr Hedenborg’. Rhodes RICHeS is opening their fifth anniversary exhibition for one final time, on Sunday 1 February, from 11.00 to 14.00.Come to the Kastellania in the Old Town and learn about this daring Swedish adventurer. A man who spent many years of his life on Rhodes, in a period marked by earthquakes and other disasters, his accounts give fascinating insights into how life was on our island, 150 years ago.’All exhibition information is written in English. It’s also a great opportunity to enter a building (normally closed to the public) rich in history in its own right, with a wonderful decorated ceiling.

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