Who can and can’t make a blood donation here in Rhodes

There have been several requests for blood donations in recent weeks from the General Hospital here on Rhodes but much confusion as to who is allowed to donate blood from the British community living here on Rhodes.  We have received the following information from this morning…..

this information is dated 11th July 2017:

“So this is the information the Blood Bank in Rhodes, has given to the British Consulate this morning…..

If someone lived for 6 months or more in the UK between 1980 – 1996 they are automatically excluded from giving blood. If someone lived for less than 6 months in that period of time, there is no issue with giving blood. After 1996, there is no time restrictions on who can can give blood. If the person is a first time blood donor, the age limit is 60 years old. For regular blood donors this can rise to 62-65. Foreigners (i.e. non Greeks) should bring their passports and AMKA, if applicable, and be able to communicate in Greek or have someone with them who can speak the language.
Hope this helps everyone who was wondering”

If you are able to donate blood then please go with the relevant documents to the Blood Bank at the General Hospital.

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