About TESA

About TESA

TESA was formed in the winter of 2012 by a small number of English speaking residents of Rhodes and became a legally registered not-for-profit association in September 2013.

The common interest of the members of TESA is the English language. Although the majority of our founding members are originally from countries where English is the only or first language spoken, such as the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa, etc. there is no stipulation that members must be expatriates from these countries. TESA welcomes all nationalities providing that their knowledge of the English language is sufficient to participate in meetings and activities without the need for translation.

TESA was set up to provide the English speaking community of Rhodes with ‘a voice’. We are essentially a networking group that meets regularly to share information regarding participation in Greek life in Rhodes including events, assistance with health insurance, work, sickness, unemployment, tax issues and any other activities associated with an English speaker living in Rhodes. We have already organised events such as a Social Media Seminar, Christmas fairs, parties and a Spring Ball!

TESA is also a means of ‘giving something back’ to the community that we live in by contributing and assisting in local fund raising and help groups.

As well as this website; the group has formed a Facebook page (TESA) where members and visitors can post ideas, events, problems and comments relevant to life on Rhodes. You do not have to become a member of TESA in order to join in with activities organised by the group, access the website or the Facebook page. However, the more members that TESA has the better, not only in terms of the financial abilities of the association, but also in terms of how seriously local Greek organisations and authorities view us as a ‘voice’ within their own community.
The fee for yearly membership of TESA is €5.00. This fee contributes to the legal and running expenses of the association. Members will receive discounts on advertising as well as entry to our events.

The association holds a coffee morning every first Saturday in the month in Faliraki at Swedco Cafe starting at 10:30 a.m.  Everybody is welcome! (Check our events calendar to see if the venue changes)

The Aims and Objectives of TESA are:

  • to keep resident and visiting English speakers fully informed about life in Rhodes
  • to provide an instant source of help for commonly experienced problems
  • to network with one another for any purpose
  • to welcome newcomers to the community
  • to organise seasonal events of interest to the English speaking community
  • to give ‘something back’ to our adopted home country by raising money for local charities and needy sections of the community

The idea behind LivingInRhodes is not an original one. If you talk to any English speaking, non-Rhodian person living here for any amount of time they will tell you that they have thought of producing a website or wanted someone else to provide one. Although there is a wealth of information about Rhodes on the internet, the sites that are in English tend to be aimed at tourists, whereas those aimed at residents are in Greek and therefore incomprehensible to those of us who have not yet mastered the intricacies of the Greek language. What we hope to create here (with your help!) is a site which can publicize news and events of interest to the English-speaking community, and provide useful advice about living on this beautiful island.

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